The PlugFest Consortium
Delivering Good Government Systems Fast

The PlugFest Consortium's over 300 volunteers, from Government, Industry, and Academia. believe that working on the same problem, at the same time, together can deliver good government systems fast...that working as a team, we can go beyond slowly delivering compliant government systems.

The PlugFest Consortium originated government PlugFests, and as a result we help government programs quickly get innovative capabilities that they need, and innovative companies quickly get contracts. We do this by investigating, teaching, and helping organizations implement Agile government systems Acquisition

  • Quickly put technology capabilities together using Agile Development
  • Accurately measure what they are paying, with the right metrics, using Agile Verification & Validation
  • Quickly contract for needed capabilities through Agile Contracting

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2015 Upcoming PlugFest Events by Various Organizations

Event Date Location
May 19
Bending the Cost Curve Acquisition Event
May 20
Virtual Event
Event Date Location
Bending the Cost Curve; PlugFest Plus (AFEI) Jan 21 George Mason University, Fairfax
West 2015 Cyber (AFCEA/USNI) Feb 10 - 12 San Diego Convention Center

The PlugFest Consortium helps start, organize, support and/or promote innovative government PlugFest events. Currently, we are:

  • Organizing and running AFCEA PlugFests, including, the first PlugFest Plus industry event with AFEI to support government objectives
  • Promoting other organization's PlugFests to the PlugFest Community,
  • Supporting academic PlugFests, such as those run by George Mason University

The PlugFest Consortium is a Volunteer Organization

Government - Industry - Academia

Government Lead
Chris Gunderson

Industry Lead
Eric Westreich

Academic Lead
Mark Pullen

Technical Lead
Jeff Wallace